The restaurant industry seems like it is always bombarded by articles and blog posts telling you how you can save money by lowering your energy consumption, anything from hacks to reduce energy use, and suggestions for how you can micromanage each location in order to reduce your restaurant energy bills. Honestly, these practices do work if you own one to two locations, any more than that it becomes virtually impossible to do all of the hacks and tips on your own. You would have to hire a person whose sole responsibility is to manage the energy consumption at each location, this person would also have to make less than you are saving across your portfolio in order for it to be a positive cash flow business decision. We encounter customers on a daily basis that struggle with finding enough time in their day to fit in routines let alone another checklist. That’s why when it comes to saving money in a restaurant, whether you have 1 or 101, your best option is to have a turnkey solution that provides you with all the tools for success when it comes to conserving restaurant energy.


IoT has revolutionized the restaurant space, and all for the better. With over 6.4 billion “things” connected, and 5.5 million new “things” connected every day…IoT is growing at a rapid rate and it doesn’t appear as if that is going to change in the near future. Connecting the systems in your facility has given you visibility when it comes to your customer’s preferences, optimizing processes and reducing restaurant energy consumption. Building automation systems help eliminate the need to micromanage each location’s energy consumption and implement processes that take major upkeep. chameleon™ provides visibility into your restaurant’s critical systems that consume so much of your energy.

Automation is Key

Automation is the key to the chameleon, its easy for you and your staff to use. Our application was designed for the end user to navigate all of their locations, see which ones are in alarm, which ones are consuming the most energy and which ones consistently have trouble with equipment.

We specialize in restaurants and convenience stores with specialized controllers for walk-in coolers and freezers. Controllers like these can reduce defrosts, sometimes by half, saving a significant amount when it comes to energy consumption. Minor adjustments like these may not seem huge but when you compile the savings over every day and by the number of locations you have, the savings are significant. These controllers monitor the coil efficiency on the walk-in or reach-in unit. The algorithm built into the controller uses this data to determine the best time for the system to run a defrost cycle. The controller brings the space down to temperature, and then defrosts the coil, repeating as necessary, to ensure an accurate coil profile.

Take Action!

Rather than hire a person to take charge of your sustainability, take the bull by the horns and connect all of your restaurants, get preventative maintenance analytics, increase your food safety, all while reducing your energy consumption. Let one of our energy experts help you manage your portfolio!



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