Operational Efficiency for Retail

Predictive Equipment Maintenance, Decreased Energy Consumption, Decreased Operating Costs

Long hours and high energy demand create the need for simple, yet scalable facility automation and efficiency tools.

Small Box Energy’s chameleon™ platform  allows users to “control the uncontrollable.” This dynamic solution automates, monitors, and controls your existing HVAC, refrigeration, and lighting equipment. Users access the system using a standard web browser or the mobile app. No matter the size or scale of your operation, equipment, and energy efficiency is now just one short click away.


Enables Predictive Equipment Maintenance

Being able to see how long your equipment is running in a simple format allows you to quickly assess performance, maintenance needs, and energy usage. For example, you might not notice if your thermostats aren’t reaching the desired room temperature, unless it is excessively hot or cold in the room. You also might not notice if your equipment is running 10 or 12 hours a day when it doesn’t need to. This type of equipment data can help you save money and time, and just one of the many values chameleon gives our customers.

Graphs provide users a quick visualization of trends or operational behaviors causing excess run-time and wear on the equipment. Alarms and warning notices give operators an insight into urgent equipment issues.

Remote diagnostics not only save money and time, they enable better and more efficient maintenance and repair decisions.

Decrease Energy Consumption

Long hours demand a large portion of the operating budget being spent on energy. Small Box Energy’s chameleon doesn’t just monitor your energy consumption, we automate and control your critical equipment to reduce the consumption. Astronomical (dawn/dusk) lighting schedules ensure your parking lot is secure, but the lights are not left on during daylight hours. Heating and cooling schedules are set for store hours, with limited override capability to ensure comfort for guests while maximizing efficiency.

Another key component to decreasing energy consumption is equipment efficiency. With chameleon, equipment run-time data and overall performance give users insights into equipment inefficiencies that could be costing you bundles in excess energy usage.

Customers typically see a 10-30% decrease in overall energy consumption after chameleon has been installed.


Decrease Operating Costs and Increase Profitability

By understanding your business and monitoring your equipment, we actively work to reduce energy consumption and identify efficiency improvements. Our 24/7 customer success team works directly with your facilities team and management team to provide overall operational performance and equipment data on a regular basis.

No up-front capital expenditures! Operational benefits of the system help owners absorb other critical expenses, like increased wages. 

We let you and your employees focus on your customers, while we actively work to reduce operating costs for the long term.