Our dedicated Customer Success Managers proactively look for equipment maintenance needs and operating inefficiencies. Are your cooler doors being left open for extended periods of time while deliveries are being made? Is your air conditioner running non-stop because employees are overriding the temperature? These are the activities we look at, and more, by digging into the data.

24/7 Monitoring

  • Alarm notification
  • Equipment analysis
  • Notification of maintenance needed
  • Regular training
  • On-site support when needed
  • Continual review of satisfaction and operational efficiency

Monthly/Quarterly Review and Reports

  • Store overrides*
  • Compressor run times
  • Alarms review for HVAC/refrigeration equipment*
  • Summary of corrective actions taken
  • Review of energy usage
  • Review store equipment & early diagnostics

proactive customer service

Operating Inefficiencies Examples

Door Left Open for 1/2 hour

Door Left Open

Excessive AC Override