Small Box Energy’s focus is not about selling a system, it’s about how we deliver energy visibility and equipment control. The transparency we create for owners gives them the ability to understand their energy usage completely, resulting in reduced expenses and improved profitability.

Educates employees about energy consumption – energy usage and costs shown for today, yesterday, and with a 7-day average in real-time providing daily peak demand.
Adaptive controls learn your refrigeration equipment – number of defrost cycles reduced by more than 70%, heating strip temperature reduced, and fan utilization improved to reduce energy usage by up to 40%.
Helps you make better decisions – identifying real time energy costs gives you the ability to make informed decisions regarding your energy consumption.
Eliminates ‘too hot’ and ‘too cold’ settings – temperatures set to recommended and approved settings.
Automates HVAC control – temperature settings change automatically per a preset schedule.
Automates lighting control – lights operate per a preset schedule or by a built-in sunrise/sunset clock.
Reduces HVAC run time – intelligent controls, schedules, and optimized set points assure equipment only runs when desired.
The system never forgets – thermostats and lights reset automatically to prescribed settings and schedules when manually overridden.
Reduces impact of human behavior – thermostats limited to ±2 degrees and can be password protected to prevent employees from setting temperatures for personal comfort! Lights turn themselves on and off automatically eliminating employee oversights.
Provides the best balance between energy savings and comfort automatically!