chameleon™ Efficiency

Small Box Energy’s chameleon cloud-based  Internet of Things (IoT) operational efficiency solution is powered by Intel® technology and specifically designed for restaurants and convenience stores. It is the only integrated food safety, energy management and data intelligence solution actively controlling critical equipment, monitoring operations and recording key data points to improve efficiency and reduce energy, maintenance and equipment costs from a single solution.

Critical Systems Dashboard
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  • Allows monitoring and control of critical systems, such as HVAC, lighting, and refrigeration equipment
    • Reduced energy consumption up to 30% per locations; up to 70% on refrigeration equipment
  • Integrated temperature monitoring with stationary wireless thermostats and mobile food probe
    • Alarms for refrigeration equipment reduce food loss
    • Time-based alarms for probing raw/cooked food can alert managers when procedures haven’t been followed
  • Field-proven, with rigorous multi-year testing with one of the largest QSRs in the world
    • Each system is installed to maximize energy savings based on the operation and environment
  • Receive alarms & alerts via text message, e-mail, and on your mobile app
  • Secure cloud-based application with real-time and historical data for analytics and reporting
  • Early equipment diagnostics extends equipment life and reduces unexpected emergency repair costs
IoT Platform for secure data and maximum efficiency


HVAC Control

Small Box Energy uses wireless programmable thermostats with standard indoor and outdoor air sensors to control and monitor the HVAC system.  Using, users are able to define room temperatures through a scheduling module and compare target temperatures with compressor run-times while viewing fan, compressor and stage run-times.  Users are now able to balance comfort with energy savings.

 Lighting Control

Small Box Energy installs a separate lighting control panel used to control and monitor up to 12 zones and 96 circuits of standard lighting.  The indoor lighting schedule is configured based on operating hours and employee work schedules. Occupancy sensors and optional override capabilities allow the schedules to be manually overridden. Exterior lighting uses an astronomical clock following a dusk/dawn schedule.

Alarms and Alerts

Receive notifications via text, email or on your smart phone or tablet when an alarm or alert is populated. All alarms will be shown when you login to either the app or Urgent alarms are sent for refrigeration equipment which is above the defined temperature for 60 minutes, minimizing food loss and warning of a potential equipment failure. Warning alarms are displayed for HVAC or refrigeration equipment not functioning properly, which is an early indication of maintenance needs.

Refrigeration Control & Temperature Monitoring

Small Box Energy provides an adaptable refrigeration controller for walk-ins and freezers and wireless sensors for reach-in units which enable us to provide a complete temperature monitoring and alarming solution for all your refrigeration equipment. Alarms are sent when the coolers maintain a temperature above the defined target for more than 60 minutes. Additionally, warning signals are shown on the dashboard when defrost cycles are not normal. Together, these products reduce icing and energy consumption while maintaining a steady temperature to ensure food quality.

Equipment Diagnostics

Small Box Energy enables remote visibility and historical data for HVAC and refrigeration equipment. This allows users to see and compare data across their portfolio for run-times, energy consumption and temperature variation which provides the necessary diagnostics for preventative maintenance.  Users are able to make better strategic decisions for logistics, repairs and replacement using this data.

Remote Access

Complete access to your entire portfolio is at your fingertips.  Monitor, control and change schedules using the mobile app or by logging into the dashboard using a standard internet browser. Instantly view equipment data when you receive an alarm without needing to physically see the unit. You will experience true visibility, and control, of your entire portfolio without ever leaving your desk.