Achieve Peace of Mind

Temperature Monitoring, Decreased Energy Consumption, and Preventative Diagnostics in One System

Long hours, high energy demand and increase costs warrant equipment maintenance and temperature monitoring solutions that are predictable, scale-able and easy to use.

Small Box Energy’s chameleon™ platform automates and controls critical HVAC, refrigeration, and lighting equipment; records temperatures, and provides remote access and data for equipment diagnostics and run-time analysis all while reducing energy consumption. Operational efficiency is just one short click away.


Temperature Monitoring

Unlike most energy management systems, chameleon offers automated temperature monitoring for walk-in coolers and freezers, as well as reach-in units. Real-time alarms are provided via text message and email.

Wireless probes provide audio and visible alarms for under- or over-temp foods and push data to the cloud for easy access by management and inspectors.

Food storage and temperatures is a vital concern in the industry, and Small Box Energy can help you collect and store data while improving processes and determine accountability.

Enhance Customer Comfort

Restaurants strive to provide a comfortable environment for customers while spending a massive amount of money on HVAC and lighting. Pre-programmed set-points with time-based overrides create the right experience for customers across your dining space and other operational areas while maximizing energy efficiency. If a customer is too hot or too cold, simply adjust the temperature and the system will revert back to the original temperature after the override interval. This significantly reduces costs and equipment run-time while maintaining consistent dining and kitchen comfort levels.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Our chameleon platform monitors and controls critical refrigeration and HVAC equipment. Alarms are sent via text message or email when refrigeration equipment is above temperature. Similarly, HVAC alarms are sent when equipment is in a critical state. Visibility and data elongate equipment life by providing data and quick analysis tools to determine maintenance needs are reducing equipment run-time.

Customers rapidly see the value in remote equipment diagnostics. Field reports have confirmed our system is reducing overall maintenance expenses by 20%.

Increase Profitability

By understanding your business and monitoring your equipment, we actively work to reduce energy consumption by 10-30% for critical equipment. Our chameleon platform reduces unnecessary refrigeration run-times and executes HVAC and lighting schedules to maximize comfort and minimize energy consumption.

No up-front capital expenditures! Operational benefits of the system help owners absorb other critical expenses, like increased wages. 

Our chameleon platform is the only system on the market that provides active temperature monitoring and alarming, advanced equipment diagnostics, and measurable comfort all paid for by the energy management solution. The system typically pays for itself.