Achieve Peace of Mind Across Store Operations

Decrease Energy, Reduce Equipment Costs, and Enhance Performance

Convenience stores operate 24/7/365 and the refrigeration, lighting and HVAC can account for as much as 80% of the electric bill. An effective energy management solution can make a big impact on your bottom line, as well as improve efficiency and reduce operating expenses. Small Box Energy has over 10 years of experience helping businesses reduce their energy footprint through our proven chameleon platform and increasing cash flow immediately.


Decrease Energy Consumption

Refrigeration equipment in convenience stores can account for up to 55% of the electric costs. With the chameleon platform, and our adaptive refrigeration controller, we are able to reduce unnecessary refrigeration defrost cycles by up to 70%. Additionally, programmed set-points with time-based overrides allow equipment to be stair-stepped by zones, enabling further energy efficiency. Couple the refrigeration savings with controlling the HVAC and using astronomical lighting schedules, convenience stores are realizing a 10-30% savings on energy costs.

chameleon™ App phone screenshot of lighting controls
chameleon™ Mobile phone app screenshot of refrigeration controls

Reduce Equipment Costs & Enhance Performance

Margins are everything for convenience stores and can be greatly affected by equipment repair costs. We optimize equipment performance, and provide visibility and data to extend equipment life.  Equipment only operates when it needs to operate, and alarms and alerts are sent for HVAC, refrigeration and lighting as defined by the customer. Early equipment diagnostics are reducing unexpected emergency repairs and in field reports confirm our system is reducing overall maintenance expenses by 20%.

Temperature Monitoring

A large part of your business is food service. Unlike most energy management systems, chameleon offers temperature monitoring for walk-in coolers and freezers, as well as reach-in units. Real-time alarms are provided via text message and email.

Wireless probes provide audio and visible alarms for under- or over-temp foods and push data to the cloud for easy access by management and inspectors. You can also have alarms when temperatures have not been taken, and they should have been.

Small Box Energy can help you collect and store data while improving processes and determine accountability.