Q: How much does an energy management system cost?
A: It can range from $200 – $400 per month. Monthly fees vary depending on the equipment used at your location.

Q: What is Small Box Energy’s Managed Services program?
A: Small Box Energy enters our contracts as an operational partnership. There are three distinct advantages to our solution. We provide the data and simple interface for early/remote equipment diagnostics. We actively provide temperature monitoring and alarming of refrigeration equipment. And we provide energy conservation through automation and controlling critical equipment. However, above the system is the 24/7 Client Success Manager which actively reviews equipment run-times, alarms, and the system to ensure each customer is taking action to reduce costs, repair equipment when necessary and implement better operational procedures. Weekly emails and quarterly fit reports give a complete overview of the operations, alarms and actions to help reduce costs.

Q: Do you offer financing? 
A: It’s not necessary. There is a monthly subscription fee.

Q: What type of energy savings will I get?
A: That will vary depending on your business volume, weather, and human behavior. We see electric bill reductions from 8% to 40% begining from the first month the equipment is installed. However, there are many factors that affect your electric bill. With our system, you will see real data about long the equipment is running and the total energy you are consuming.

Q: Can I start saving right away?
A: Yes! Kilowatt conservation begins immediately inevitably contributing to savings.

Q: When will I see an ROI?
A: Most customers see a difference in the first month; however, each business and location is different.

Q: Who will install it?
A: Small Box Energy partners with nationwide certified installers, including Avnet, through its Technology Solutions group (Avnet TS).

Q: Is this going to disrupt my business operations?
A: No. Everything is already assembled. The system’s modular equipment is preconfigured and preprogrammed ready for install. The only thing you need to do is be sure the equipment is accessible.

Q: What guarantees do you offer?
A: We don’t offer any specific guarantees because each business has too many variables. However, we are your partner and we want you realize the full value of the system and be to completely satisfied with your decision to become our partner.

Q: How much time does this take to manage?
A: Very little. You set it and forget it! You can change schedules and users through the mobile app or accessing chameleon-cloud.com

Q: What other benefits are there?
A: Equipment diagnostics, analytics, active temperature monitoring and alarming, temperature reporting, text and e-mail alerts, equipment failure alarms, and much more!

Q: Who manages and receives alarms and alerts?
A: That’s up to you. It’s a role based access system. You give administrative rights to whomever you want to receive notifications and change program settings. Our Client Success Team also receives your alarms and contacts you to ensure action has been taken.

Q: Are my locations and equipment too old?
A: No, the older the equipment chameleon controls, the greater opportunity to save overall energy.

Q: Are there rebates for this?
A: Yes, most utility companies recognize this system as a way to lower their energy demand. They provide incentives through rebates. However, this option is only available when the solution is purchased as a CAPEX purchase.

What is an Energy Management System?

chameleon™ energy management was designed specifically for quick service restaurants, casual dining restaurants, convenience stores, and small box retail. The unique needs of these types of businesses were overlooked and under-served with traditional building management systems of the past.

What was needed to support these businesses was an affordable and adaptable solution delivering energy efficiency and control that saves energy and money. Some businesses want to engage in “green” technology and it makes even more sense when the return on investment fuels your momentum to be more energy conscious.

How does it work?

chameleon™ provides control and real-time monitoring for more than HVAC and lighting and is capable of integrating refrigeration controls and temperature into a comprehensive energy management solution. If necessary, chameleon™ can offer stand alone system control and data reporting.

The most robust solution integrates energy operations control allowing remote access and multiple users varied levels of reporting. An effective energy management solution will improve control and decision capability to better manage and reduce monthly energy expense.

Why Do I Need an Energy Management Solution?

Small Box Energy believes that restaurants are an important part of our community. Small Box Energy wants to contribute to their success by providing the ultimate energy management experience. Not only does chameleon™ save energy, but it also improves equipment longevity and reduces monthly expenses—ultimately putting more money in owners’ pockets.

In conclusion, chameleon™ is more than just hardware and software; it is an easy-to-use platform upon which owners and operators have the opportunity to conserve energy and achieve important sustainability goals.

Where Do I Sign Up?

That’s an easy one! Click on the button below and an energy management specialist will be contacting you to customize a solution that fits your business needs.