Small Box Energy was spun out of a technology and development company with over 20 years of building and industrial networking, automation, renewables and energy efficiency experience, Approximately 6 years ago, they were approached by one of the largest QSR chains in the world because long operating hours and rapidly increasing energy costs were eating through profit margins. This chain needed an affordable solution to monitor, control and reduce energy consumption. Traditional building automation systems weren’t very adaptable or economical for the smaller footprint of restaurants, QSRs, and convenience stores. These systems were also typically too expensive, difficult to use, and were not very adaptable or expandable to other equipment or user needs.

There were off-the-shelf products, but nothing was a direct fit. Partnering with key engineering and manufacturing companies world-wide, they were focused on developing a ‘small box’ solution that was affordable and expandable, yet easy to use. After years of collaboration and testing, chameleon™ was launched and Small Box Energy became its own company in 2012.

Today, chameleon is the only company that offers integrated energy management, early equipment diagnostics and food safety through a temperature monitoring solution. It is used in over 60 brands throughout North America and is the only cloud-based integrated hardware and software solution available as a subscription-only service, with no upfront capital requirements or installation services.


The ULTIMATE ENERGY MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE. It’s not about selling a system; it’s about how we deliver energy visibility and equipment control. The transparency we create for owners gives them the ability to understand their energy use like never before; resulting in reduced expenses and improved profitability.

Small Box Energy Core Values

Win as a Team

Bring Out the Best in People

There is Always a Better Way

Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood

Do the Right Thing