It’s the final week of Energy Action Month, can you say you contributed to helping the environment? It’s so important for each of us to do our part in saving the environment, at home, school, and even at our place of work. The world is changing and technology is evolving, with all this change the environment is sure to change with it. The world as a whole has become more aware of the situation we humans have created with our planet and the things we need to do to correct it. Energy Action Month is just a good place and reason to start a change in your lifestyle at work, at home and get caught up on our current state of things.

An article published by Eco-Business reiterates recent researchers findings of our carbon dioxide emissions, their effect on earth, and how dire our situation actually is. Scientists have spent hundreds of hours calculating our “carbon budget”, which is the amount of carbon dioxide the world can emit, before the average temperature of the earth increases 2.7 degrees – 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit. This amount is calculated to exceed by the year 2030. Exceeding this budget could mean even more severe heat waves, sea level rise, extreme rainfall, and other major climate impacts. Turning around our carbon emissions is the best way to change the trajectory of our climate change.

Are you enjoying the depletion of our
resources and high carbon emissions?
This is why energy action month is vital…

Changing your energy consumption at home is really where it all starts. If you need ideas and tips on what you can do at home check out our blog post from a couple weeks ago that gives best practices here. Starting at home helps to establish good habits that can carry into your workplace. It’s also a great way to instill good energy and water saving practices at a young age in your children who will be the ones to inherit the earth and carry on the practices they learned when they were little.

Adapting a change in lifestyle in more than one facet of your life makes it more likely for these behaviors to stick. Energy Action Month is really just an educational month. It brings to light the challenges our world faces regarding energy and water conservation and highlights the things we can do to help make that change. These are the practices we need to implement not only one month out of the year but every day. Small changes when multiplied across billions of people can have a huge effect on our world.

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